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Title ASRAM2022 Program (Final)_Nov. 29
Writer ASRAM 2022 Date 2022-11-25 오후 1:03:49 Hit 1861
Attach file ASRAM2022 Program (Final)_Nov-29.pdf (3.68MB)
The following changes have been made to the existing final version (Nov-28).
1) TS1 session chair has changed.
2) In TS4 session ("Risk Assessment II"), the presentation that was canceled yesterday has been added again.

Please find attached the final version of the offical program of ASRAM2022, including session chair information.
A printed copy of this version will be distributed to in-person participants.

In the case of sessions that included both face-to-face and online presentations, online presentations were placed in the back for efficient operation.
For presenters, please check your presentation time and "Speaker Instructions" (on pages 4-5).